Take a silky smooth voice texture, combine it with the richness of a low contralto range, add a substantial measure of musicianship and the ability to communicate in music with an audience and you have the voice of Sandra Entermann.

That she chooses to specialise in Christian music must be a blessing for the Church.

It is not difficult to sense her personal commitment to the Christian faith as one listens to her sing. There is a true depth of spiritual emotion without ever lapsing into sentimentality in her performances.

Sandra’s repertoire appeals to a wide cross section of people, young and old. Collectors of the best of Christian music would find their collections incomplete without her recordings.

Indeed, such is the attractiveness of her voice that even those who do not profess a Christian faith would take considerable pleasure in the albums Sandra has produced.

To be able to bridge the divide so well – is the gift only of the few.  Sandra Entermann does it with an ease, which disguises that considerable achievement.

Dr Malcolm Westwood
Veil Ministries

Sandra Entermann is not a performer; she is a true music “minister”. Her songs, her voice, her delivery touches and soothes the soul.

Her voice has a unique quality that makes her especially easy to listen to, even when you wish you could shut out the entire world.

The simplicity of her style is emotionally impacting. She knows how to transport her audience to the foot of the Cross!

Shelley Quinn
3ABN Television

The first time you meet Sandra her smile and personality warm every room she enters.  She has a knack for making everyone around her brighten, simply by her presence.

Her ministry through music is exactly the same.  The charm of her voice and her joyful, straightforward communication of the gospel disarm the listener and enable the message of the music to seep into the heart.

She brightens this world with the music she shares about her Savior and Friend.

Jennifer LaMountain

When I look back, I realize that the Master had Sandra’s life’s manuscript mapped out early… building from the tiny sets and props of childhood, onward and upward, to the grand platforms and stages of a global audience… surprised, enlightened and moved by her profound talent to vocalise a sentiment that can nail the heart to the centrepiece of the Cross.

Robert Raftery
Australia’s Picture Writer

Sandra Entermann’s CDs are a worship experience.  These albums, along with Sandra’s ministry and life, point to Jesus Christ.

In each interpretation, this talented artist takes us by the hand and invites us to come closer to our Lord and Savior.  What a powerful ministry.  What beautiful albums!

Jaime Jorge

One of life’s relaxing moments is to listen to great music presented in an enjoyable way. To listen to Sandra Entermann is one of those moments. It is not just the richness of her voice but the way her gift is communicated. This explains why audiences around the world have enjoyed her music. To listen is indeed to be blessed. Her music (and albums) come highly recommended.

Geoff Youlden
Beyond the Search

Sandra is a delightful young woman with energy to spare and inspire.  She shows enthusiasm and spirit in all she does and demonstrates her love for God and people.

I have enjoyed hearing her sweet voice as a soloist as well as together with her brother and sister in a vocal trio.  Their recordings have gone far and wide, and whenever I listen to their CDs, I am always blessed and delighted. She is an influence for good, and encourages those she meets to follow their passions and dream big dreams.  Her ability for prompt responses to any requests for help is exceptional and Sandra can be trusted with responsibility, reliability, dependability and spontaneity.

I am glad to call her my friend.

Joy Butler
Vice President
World Women’s Christian Temperance Union

My choices for crusade singers are few–very few. Sandra Entermann is among them. Her gentle style and soothing delivery glorify God and bless the listener. Listen, as the peace of Zion settles o’er your soul.

Randy Skeete