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    Various Artists | For Such a Time (brand new kids project)
    Guest VocalistFro Such a Time as ThisUS$15.00 (+$5 shipping)

    1.    Rainbow of Love (Melissa Otto)
    2.    My Precious Friend (Clearly Hinze)
    3.    Solid Ground (Kemy Ogendi)
    4.    Live for Jesus (James & Rosemarie Fletcher)
    5.    When God Speaks (Braedan & Alise Entermann)
    6.    All Around (Anna Beaden)
    7.    Trust in Me (Marleta Fong)
    8.    I Get You (Sandra Entermann)
    9.    Sabbath Song (Leighton & Ali Heise)
    10.  Watch and Pray (Newcastle Samoan SDA Junior Choir)
    11.  Stand Up (Blair & Emma Lemke)
    12.  Catch the Vision (Candice Berghan)
    13.  God’s Beautiful Heaven (Neville Peter)
    14.  For Such a Time (Paul & Carly Fletcher Kochanski)
    15.  You Matter to Him (bonus track | kids version)

    Sandra Entermann | More Than Anything
    Co-Producer/VocalistCoverUS$15.00 (+$5 shipping)

    1.    Nobody Knows Me Like You
    2.    Let the Lower Lights be Burning
    3.    More Than Anything
    4.    One and the Same
    5.    All of Me
    6.    My Father’s Angels
    7.    Little Flowers
    8.    Who Am I?
    9.    Are You Ready for Jesus to Come?
    10.  Why?
    11.  My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me
    12.  Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King

    Sandra Entermann | 3 CD PACK

    3 CD PackUS$40.00 (+$7 shipping)

    1.    If I Stand
    2.    Treasure
    3.    More Than Anything

    Sandra Entermann | Treasure

    US$15.00 (+$5 shipping)

    1.    Treasure
    2.    The Man Called Jesus
    3.    Belong to Me
    4.    Faithful Men
    5.    When Answers Aren’t Enough
    6.    The Lighthouse
    7.    For Always
    8.    Home Tonight
    9.    Sunrise of Your Smile
    10.  Through it All
    11.  How Deep the Father’s Love for Us

    Pine Forge Academy Choir | Rock in a Weary Land
    Assistant Producer

    PFA Choir

    1.    Achieved is Thy Glorious Work
    2.    The Heavens Are Telling
    3.    My God is a Rock
    4.    Lift Every Voice and Sing
    5.    Come Unto Me
    6.    How Can I Keep from Singing
    7.    Examine Me
    8.    My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord
    9.    Wie Lieblich Sind Deine Wohnungen
    10.  God Made Our Hands
    11.  Rockin’ Jerusalem
    12.  In The Beauty of Your Holiness

    1.    The Lord is My Light
    2.    Majesty and Glory of Your Name
    3.    Alleluia
    4.    There is a Balm in Gilead
    5.    With My Whole Heart
    6.    Jesus Lover of My Soul
    7.    Jesus in My Soul
    8.    We Bless Your Name
    9.    Great is Thy Faithfulness
    10.  I’ve Been in the Storm so Long
    11.  Saints, Are You Ready to Go?

    The Sherwin Rugless Project | The Wonder of God’s Love

    Sherwin Rugless

    1.    The Wonder of God’s Love
    2.    True Hearts’ Defender
    3.    Paradise Morning
    4.    Music Man Song
    5.    Author of Our Lives
    6.    The Ability
    7.    When God Sings
    8.    My Future’s in Your Hands
    9.    Goldensong
    10.  Here in This Room
    11.  For Your Love
    12.  For You Love Me
    13.  The Wonder of Gods Love – Reprise

    Susan James | For My First Love
    Co-Executive Producer

    For My First Love

    US$15.00 (+$5 shipping)

    1.    It is Well with My Soul
    2.    What Sin?
    3.    I Miss My Time with You
    4.    Written in Red
    5.    His Eye is on the Sparrow
    6.    Be Still and Know
    7.    Great is Thy Faithfulness
    8.    Give Me Jesus
    9.    Mary, Did You Know?
    10.  Jesus Loves Me

    Sandra Entermann | If I Stand
    If I Stand 2

    US$15.00 (+$5 shipping)

    1.    If I Stand
    2.    Chorus of Faith
    3.    Do They See Jesus in Me
    4.    All I Ever Have to Be
    5.    So Many Books
    6.    Sea of Forgetfulness
    7.    Ready for the Storm
    8.    His One Valentine
    9.    Remember Me
    10.  Trust His Heart
    11.  Were it Not for Grace

    The Entermann Trio | Again

    US$15.00 (digital download only)

    1.    Near to the Heart of God
    2.    Sweet By and By
    3.    Draw Me Nearer
    4.    Into My Heart
    5.    Tell Me the Story of Jesus
    6.    Sweet Jesus
    7.    I Surrender All
    8.    How Great Thou Art
    9.    Medley: He Touched Me / I Will Serve Thee
    10.  Come, Holy Spirit

    The Esk New Life Chorale | New Life


    1.    Come, Holy Spirit
    2.    Enter His Courts with Praise
    3.    Come, Thou Almighty King
    4.    At the Name of Jesus
    5.    How Great the Love
    6.    Seekers of Your Heart
    7.    That is the Reason
    8.    There is a Redeemer
    9.    If My People Will Pray
    10.  This Life
    11.  Be Strong in the Lord
    12.  Rest Within His Sanctuary
    13.  Near to the Heart of God
    14.  Dare to Run
    15.  In the First Light
    16.  Changed
    17.  No More Night

    Sandra Entermann | Rest

    US$15.00 (digital download only)

    1.    The Strength of the Lord
    2.    I Think I See Gold
    3.    Raining on the Inside
    4.    Too Many Times
    5.    Replace it With Your Love
    6.    O Calvary’s Lamb
    7.    Lord, I’m so Lonely (instrumental)
    8.    Shine on Us
    9.    The Warrior is a Child
    10.  Sincerely Yours
    11.  That’s the Day
    12.  My Last Song

    The Entermann Trio | Quiet Prayers – A Hymn Collection

    US$15.00 (digital download only)

    1.    Great is Thy Faithfulness
    2.    In the Garden
    3.    The Church Has One Foundation
    4.    O Shepherd Divine
    5.    Have Thine Own Way, Lord
    6.    Amazing Grace
    7.    Beneath the Cross of Jesus
    8.    My Hope is Built on Nothing Less
    9.    Take Time to Be Holy
    10.  It is Well With my Soul
    11.  Face to Face
    12.  When We all Get to Heaven
    13.  The Saviour is Waiting
    14.  When I Survey the Wondrous Cross