Performance Tracks

For $10.00 per track, you will receive Sandra’s original demo track, a lyric sheet, and a performance track, with or without background vocals.  Make a note of which songs you’d like to purchase, and fill out the CONTACT FORM to place your order.  Please also note, they are for public performance only.

Sandra Entermann | More Than Anything

1.     Nobody Knows Me Like You
2.     Let the Lower Lights be Burning
3.     More Than Anything
4.     One and the Same
5.     All of Me
6.     My Father’s Angels
7.     Little Flowers
8.     Who Am I?
9.     Are You Ready for Jesus to Come?
10.  Why?
11.  My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me
12.  Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King

Sandra Entermann | Treasure

1.     Treasure
2.     The Man Called Jesus
3.     Belong to Me
5.     When Answers Aren’t Enough
6.     The Lighthouse
7.     For Always
9.     Sunrise of Your Smile
10.  Through it All

Sandra Entermann | If I Stand

1.     If I Stand
2.     Chorus of Faith
3.     Do They See Jesus in Me
4.     All I Ever Have to Be
5.     So Many Books
6.     Sea of Forgetfulness
7.     Ready for the Storm
8.     His One Valentine
9.     Remember Me
10.  Trust His Heart
11.  Were it Not for Grace

Sandra Entermann | Rest

1.     The Strength of the Lord
2.     I Think I See Gold
3.     Raining on the Inside
4.     Too Many Times
5.     Replace it With Your Love
6.     O Calvary’s Lamb
7.     Lord, I’m so Lonely (instrumental)
8.     Shine on Us
9.     The Warrior is a Child
10.  Sincerely Yours
11.  That’s the Day
12.  My Last Song